Name: CelKilt (Celkilt)

Country: France

Formed in: 2011

Status: Active

An exceptionally prolific band from the town of Roanne in eastern France. Starting from 2011, almost every year they released albums or mini-albums, culminating in their discography with an excellent record “Stand”, which gained wide recognition on the international celticpunk scene. CelKilt (sometimes written Celkilt) approaches with great distance to its work, which does not prevent the group from warming up the speakers to red. The great combination of bagpipes and violins with punk guitars is a hallmark of the band


Band members

  • Loic MacWind – bagpipe, flute
  • Drik MacWater – bass, banjo
  • Ana MacFive – fiddle
  • Titou MacFire – guitar, wokal
  • Rems MacGround – drums, bodhran



  • Hey What’s Under Your Kilt (2012)
  • Everyday’s St Patrick’s Day! (2013)
  • On the Table (2014)
  • Kiltmas Songs! (2015)
  • Stand (2017)


  • Celkilt (2011)


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