Name: Fox’n’Firkin (Fox ‘N’ Firkin)

Country: Australia

Formed in: 2012

Status: Active

A celtic punk rock band from Brisbane which formed in early 2012. Their sound fuses traditional/celtic/folk type melodies with a punk rock edge, made obvious by the instrumentation (mandolin, tin whistle, banjo etc. mixed with the modern standard, guitar, bass and drums). Fox ‘N’ Firkin released their debut full length album “No Vacancy” on Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records. The album is a high energy ride through catchy celtic punk with elements of ska, pop punk and rock.

The lead single and title track of “No Vacancy” has received national airplay on Triple J, and the album got a great review on London Celtic Punks. The band will release their new album on November 2019.


Band members

  • Adrian – vocal, mandolin, banjo, guitar
  • Andrew – vocal, guitar
  • Leigh – bass
  • Robbie – drums, vocal



  • No Vacancy (2016)


  • Roppongi (2013)
  • To Hell And Back (2013)
  • Hey Ho! We’re Fox n Firkin (2019)


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