Jolly Jackers

Name: Jolly Jackers

Country: Hungary

Formed in: 2013

Status: Active

Jolly Jackers are a six piece band with three lasses and three lads that hail from Dunaújváros. They were only formed on New Years Day 2013 and have risen in popularity and critical acclaim every year and show no sign of letting up. Their debut release was the five track EP “Call The Captain” which came out just in time for St Patrick’s Day 2014. They followed this up with their debut album “Sobriety” in January 2015 which again was mostly penned by the band themselves. They released their second LP in March 2017, called “Blood Sweat and Beer”.

They started playing at clubs in Hungary extensively, and also appeared on the stage of Summer rock-festivals in their home country and abroad. Last few years they were regular guest at the concerts of Paddy and the Rats and the Firkin, so they grown up to the most successful hungarian celtic punk bands. Now they have more than 14.000 fans on Facebook and more than 20.000 listeners on Spotify in every month. The Jolly Jackers have played in Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland. They are going on tour again to introduce their new album, all over Hungary and Europe. In April 2018 they came out with their third LP named “Out of the Blue”, which was recorded in TomTom Records as well. The band showed the new songs to the public on a tour in Hungary, and a 15-part tour in Europe. They recorded music videos for three songs of the album and in 2019 they released their latest single called Born Again.


Band members

  • Bálint – lead vocal
  • Csenge – fiddle
  • Enéh – bass, vocal
  • Márk – guitar
  • Rea – flute, tin whistle, vocal
  • Viktor – percussion



  • Sobriety (2015)
  • Blood, Sweat and Beer (2017)
  • Out of the Blue (2018)


  • Call the Captain (2014)


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