La Fiesta Del Diablo

Name: La Fiesta Del Diablo

Country: Chile

Formed in: 2015

Status: Active

La Fiesta del Diablo (The Devil’s Party) is a band from Santiago (Chile). They were born from the ashes of Cuentos d’la Cripta, a psychobilly band, and they play a gumbo of Irish punk, Russian folklore, polka, Klezmer, ska and surf rock.

Celtic Folk Punk And More

Band members

  • Jimmy – vocal, keyboards
  • Kastor – drums
  • Gonzalo – accordion, vocal
  • Konejo – guitar
  • Daniel – bass
  • Tanay – violin



  • Mis Colegas, La Barra y Satán (2017)


  • Live Session Estudios Rui2Online (2016)


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