Muirsheen Durkin and Friends

Name: Muirsheen Durkin and Friends

Country: Germany

Formed in: 2009

Status: Active

Having known each other for some thirty years it was only a few years back in 2009 that the idea to start something new came up. Wanting a band with its feet based firmly in traditional Irish music and with an emphasis on emigration songs Muirsheen Durkin & Friends was born. Their name comes from the auld song about a happy go lucky Irishman heading off to mine for gold in America during the California Gold Rush of 1849. The song is unusual in that its a happy song and Muirsheen (a reference to the phonetic pronunciation of ‘Máirtín’ (in English Martin) in the West of Ireland. The feet may be in trad with mandolin, banjo, tin whistle, accordion and two pipers but with the addition of classic rock music instruments the band joined an ever growing scene.

“11 Pints & 3 Shots” is the third release from Muirsheen Durkin with their debut album, “Last Orders”, hitting the streets back in 2012 and their follow up to that, “Drink With The Irish”, a four track EP, arriving in 2014 which features ‘The Pogues and Whiskey’ a stunningly great homage to Kings Cross finest. Each release came with mighty press from around the celtic-punk world with everyone from Celtic Folk Punk & More to Shite’n’Onions raving to the high heavens about how good they are. The band was formed in the central German town of Arnsberg.

London Celtic Punks

Band members

  • Mac Rünker – vocal, tin whistle
  • Lanze – guitar, banjo, mandolin, backing vocal
  • Kentop – drums
  • Thorsten – drums, percussion
  • Lothar – bass, backing vocal
  • Püddl – bass, electric guitar
  • Mine – accordion, vocal
  • Michi – electric guitar, vocal
  • Theo – tin whistle, vocal
  • Sven – bass, backing vocal
  • Andre – Bagpipes
  • Simon – Bagpipes



  • Last Order (2012)
  • 11 Pints & 3 Shots (2018)


  • Drink with the Irish (2014)


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