Rain in Summer

Name: Rain in Summer

Country: Indonesia

Formed in: 2008

Status: Active

One of the many promising Indonesian groups that are waiting for the breakthrough and the first full-length album. Rain in Summer has evolved over the years of its activity from the classic punk band to the current character with large folk influences. Their second EP has received very good international reviews.


Band members

  • Az-war Sidick – vocal, tin whistle, melodica
  • Galih D.P – bass, vocal
  • Sulaeman – acoustic guitar, vocal
  • Adjie Hadhian – mandolin, guitar, vocal
  • Taufik Sulaiman – melodica, ukulele, vocal
  • Esa Rodian – drums



  • Untuk Kutaku (???)
  • Discordant Anthem from the Gutter (2017)


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