Rebellion Rose

Name: Rebellion Rose

Country: Indonesia

Formed in: 2008

Status: Active

The Rebellion Rose, at least for Indonesian scene, has achieved quite a big commercial success. The band has a wide group of fans and the electrifying concerts attract huge audiences. The rich discography is characterized (at least at the beginning of the band’s output) by a strong punk influence, which over time was tempered by Celtic punk elements. Album “Sehat Selalu Sodaraku” released in 2018 , available via Spotify, is an example of Rebellion Rose’s great professionalism.


Band members

  • Sinner – vocal
  • Kmx – bass, vocal
  • King – drums, vocal
  • Amek OD – guitar
  • Adit Wayer – guitar
  • Roman – guitar



  • We Play Oldskool Punkrock (???)
  • For All Allies, Comrades & Enemies (2011)
  • Partai Anarki (2015)
  • Sehat Selalu Sodaraku (2018)


  • Kiss The Mainstream Goodbye (2009)
  • Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger Comrades (2010)


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