The Filthy Spectacula

Name: The Filthy Spectacula

Country: England

Formed in: 2014

Status: Active

The story of The Filthy Spectacula began on a dark and stormy night in late 2014. A group of vagabond strangers met up in a rehearsal studio in response to an online advert to form a band that was different. They met to swap stories, drink absinthe and clang out something resembling music. They were on to something and took to travelling around and making new stories together. Over the years some of the original members got lost along the way, but other riff-raff were eagerly waiting in the shadows to join this travelling circus. The two remaining founding members are Mr. E and Lord Harold.

Together this crew has exhorted a club full of maniacs in bondage gear to Cossack dance; they have thrilled and terrified Victorian music halls filled with Steampunks; they have had cheese thrown at them in the West Country and been asked by Ed Milliband to “turn it down please” and yet nothing can slow down this marauding crew of lyrical lunatics. Their music has been played on various local UK radio stations as well as some international steampunk radio stations.

Their genre is hard to define but in brief called be called dark gypsy pirate punk. This includes elements of gypsy punk, Celtic folk, ska, dark cabaret, goth, sea shanties and steampunk. They sing about drinking, death and debauchery.

The Blacksmith

Band members

  • Mr. E – guitars and lead vocals
  • Lord Harold – drums
  • Shady H – bass
  • Mis-Tea – violin
  • The Blacksmith – accordion



  • Thrupn’y Upright (2016)
  • The Howl of the Underclasses (2019)


  • The Firsty Pea (2015)


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