The O’Reillys and The Paddyhats

Name: The O’Reillys and The Paddyhats

Country: Germany

Formed in: 2011

Status: Active

Formed to play at a local wedding near Dortmund back in June 2011 they have since quickly shot to the top branches of the European celtic-punk tree. These Bhoys and Ghirl hail from the small town of Gevelsberg which is just down the road from the city of Dortmund. The local football team of course being Borussia Dortmond who have long had a kind of special relationship with Celtic supporters going right back to the 1980’s when Dortmond signed Celtic legend Murdo McLeod. As well as that the German celtic-punk scene is among the best in the world with bands such as Mr. Irish Bastard, Fiddler’s Green, The Porters, In Search of A Rose, The Ceili Family and the sadly deceased Auld Corn Brigade spreading celtic music and culture while entertaining the world!

London Celtic Punks

Band members

  • Sean O’Reilly – acoustic guitar, tin whistle, low whistle, vocal
  • Dwight O’Reilly – banjo, mandolin, accordion, acoustic guitar, vocal
  • Mia Callaghan – violin
  • Connor O’Sullivan – electric guitar
  • Tom O’Shaughnessy – bass
  • Jones Murphy – drums
  • Ian Mc Flannigan “The Chief” – backing vocals, blues harp, chain, dashboard



  • The Sound of Narrow Streets (2012)
  • Seven Hearts One Soul (2016)
  • Sign Of The Fighter (2017)
  • Green Blood (2018)


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