The Rumpled

Name: The Rumpled

Country: Italy

Formed in: 2011

Status: Active

The band were formed in 2011 in the northern Italian city of Trento and began with the name Seven Deadly Folk but as is often the way with bands with so many members it’s hard to keep everyone together and with the coming and going of new and old members the band decided in 2014 to change their name to The Rumpled. 2018 saw the release of their debut album Ashes & Wishes for which they also took on a mammoth tour of home that saw them play every corner of Italy. The album was a surefire hit among the Celtic-Punk community and saw the band placed in all the various Best Of’s the scenes media had to offer. In the London Celtic Punks Top Thirty of 2018 they managed a very respectable #14.

London Celtic Punks

Band members

  • Marco Andrea Micheli – vocal
  • Davide Butturini – guitar
  • Luca Tasin – bass
  • Patrizia Vaccari – violin
  • Michele Mazzurana – drums
  • Tommaso Zamboni – accordion



  • Ashes & Wishes (2018)


  • Grace O’Malley (2019)


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