The Templars Of Doom

Name: The Templars Of Doom

Country: USA

Formed in: 2017

Status: Active

The Templars of Doom hail from Ulster County in upstate New York and play punked-up Celtic rock. Originally inspired by their love of The Pogues, The Sex Pistols, and The Clash, they have expanded their original “1977-meets-1916” sound to include some extended traditional Irish ballads and themes. Their originals are Irish folk at punk speed with bagpipes and kilts. Lyrically, they feature places and events from all around Ulster County and the Hudson Valley, as well as songs of Saint Patrick and Ireland.

The Templars of Doom are a quintet: Rory Quinn (guitar and vocals), Michael X. Rose (vocals and bass), Eric Pomarico (drums, vocals), Josie Rose (bagpipes and tin whistle) and Marty Shane (mandolin and vocals). Formerly known as Alternative Ulster, they released “Rebellion” in 2016, an album of material primarily written by Michael and Eric.

Their first album as the Templars of Doom is due out in June 2017 and is titled “Bring Me the Head of John the Baptist”. It contains seven new originals and two traditional songs of rebellion, “The Minstrel Boy” and “A Nation Once Again”. The originals range from acoustic ballads like “Eyes,” which features mandolin and tin whistle, to the pure punk of “Suicide Bomb.” A metal-flavored ode to an Irish Hero is “Michael Collins’s Ghost.” “The Oliver Cromwell Twist” hits the English overlord and executioner of the Irish with a Chubby Checker-esque slam dance. A musical achievement is “Saint Patrick Saved Ireland,” which combines chants, reels, and a punk rock mosh in the middle.

A lot of live experience lays behind the band, which has played at the AOH Hooley in Kingston three times, Kiltfest in New Jersey, and the Midway Café in Boston. The band is a favorite act at Snug Harbor in New Paltz, New York, and has also played BSP in Kingston, New York, and Harp and Bard in New Jersey. We are scheduled to play the Rosendale Street Festival in July 2017.

This great group has remained united through diversity and changed their name in March of 2017 to the Templars of Doom after their former piper suddenly disappeared, never to be seen again. These lads keep the theme going with songs about the Templars, Ireland, the Holy Grail, saints and ghosts.


Band members

  • Rory Quinn – guitar, vocal
  • Michael X. Rose – vocal, bass
  • Eric Pomarico – drums, vocal
  • Josie Rose – bagpipes, tin whistle
  • Marty Shane – mandolin, vocal



  • Bring Me the Head of John the Baptist (2017)
  • Hovels of the Holy (2019)


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