The Walker Roaders

Name: The Walker Roaders

Country: USA

Formed in: 2019

Status: Active

In the course of a widely celebrated thirty-year career, the sound of seminal London-Irish band The Pogues launched a generation of rowdy and explosive Celtic-punk bands. James Fearnley, co-founder and long-time accordion player in that legendary group, has now teamed with two of its most notable devotees, Flogging Molly co-founder and Grammy Award-winning producer Ted Hutt and Dropkick Murphys’ multi-instrumentalist Marc Orrell, forming The Walker Roaders whose music splices anthems of Celtic-punk with the poetry of The Pogues. Named for a street gang known to Fearnley as a youth in Manchester, their self-titled debut full length was released August 23 via Ginger Man/Beverly Martel label group.


Band members

  • James Fearnley – accordion
  • Ted Hutt – guitar
  • Marc Orrell – guitar
  • Kieran Mulroney – fiddle
  • Brad Wood – bass
  • Bryan Head – drums



  • The Walker Roaders (2019)


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